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3 Week  Online   Course      -    

       How   To  Get   Into  Voiceover

New to Voiceover?

Getting lost and have no idea where to start?

Thinking it’s such a big leap from where you are now to that coveted role in a commercial or game that you desire?

What if you could find one place that will equip you with all the foundational principles required to make a strong start in your voiceover business?

How much time would that save you?

How much would it accelerate your journey?

This 3 week online course “How To Get Into Voiceover” equips you with all the principle tools and experience required to begin your Voiceover business with a solid foundation.

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In a community environment where you will connect, learn and develop with your peers, we spend 3 weeks diving into the 3 key areas of voiceover: BUSINESS, VOCAL and TECHNICAL.


In week 1 we focus on the BUSINESS by developing the core understandings of the modern business of voiceover, where the artist fits in the scheme of things, principles of success, business planning and leveraging marketing in order to deliver on your business goals.

In week 2 we dive into the VOCAL element talking about long term vocal principles for success, as well as deep diving into the 6 main areas of voiceover: Commercial, Corporate, E-learning, Audiobooks, Animation and Gaming. You are required to turn around an audition demo in each of these 6 categories while learning the fundamental principles at play in each genre.

In week 3 we go deep into the TECHNICAL realm. What are the principles at play in order to make sure our demo auditions and work for clients is not binned for poor quality? We deal with the TECHNICAL hierarchy and considerations. This means “What Microphone should I buy” is not the first or most important question. By week’s end you will understand the principles in play and be on your way to mastery of them as you develop your first studio.

This course is not just a static video series sitting on the internet taken in your own time, where you have no way to ask questions and clarify the material. I am with you for the three week journey to guide you, answer your questions and help deepen the understanding. 

You also get two private 30 minute 1-2-1 sessions with me in weeks 2 and 3. We focus on you one on one to answer your questions and clarify the understanding of the material in order to embed the principles and make them work in practice.


The course is built with lifetime access as standard. You can come back to it again and again after the three weeks in order to repeat the work and continue embedding the principles into your voiceover business.


In voiceover as a beginner “you don’t know what you don’t know”. I was there, as was every other working voiceover artist. It’s the repetition of coming across the material, connecting with those at the same level as you and guidance from someone who has been where you are that are the keys to a successful entry into this world. Once you know what you need to be employing day in and day out in your voiceover business all that’s left is to get on with it and take action.

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I have been through it before you and am a working voiceover artist. I focus on creative mindset strategies and business and marketing principles, which are often forgotten in VO training.


Past clients include Netflix, Ecco, Scotch and Soda, EY, Rio Tinto and Yonex. I am working on my voiceover artistry and business daily. I can tell you what has worked and save you time.


It’s easy to write some words about how great this course is. It is amazing, and beyond anything out there as a foundational voiceover course. Instead though, how about you hear from some of the many students I have guided through it:

Gaia Ward.png

“Paul, I can’t thank you enough for your daily guidance. There is no advice so priceless as that of someone who is doing it and succeeding. Thankyou for being willing to share that hard earned knowledge.” Gaia Ward

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Harry Boyd.png

“This course has been incredible. Paul, thank you so much for giving us the gift of your highly skilled insight and experience, it’s set us all leagues ahead of those who were starting out without your course. I feel like I know where I am heading now with regards to my voiceover career. Before my prospective outlook was sort of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what stuck. Not anymore! Thank you so much!” Harry Boyd

Ashleigh Aston Headshot.jpg

"I honestly didn't know what to expect from this course, but it completely transformed my way of thinking. I now have a newer, better approach to work and life. I've learned so much in such a short space of time, and feel like I've got all the tools to keep building and stick with my plans in the long term! Thanks so much Paul; it's been invaluable." Ashleigh Aston

Louise Bastock.png

“Really enjoyed Week 1. Thanks so much for sharing all this knowledge – it's going to have profound effects on the way I move forward in every aspect of my life and I feel as though for once I am actually learning the tools to have a successful journey and career in VO! Thanks so much, Paul!” Louise Bastock

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Bryony Tebbutt.jpg

“I am so grateful for this whole platform, feeling like we are going through this altogether and figuring it out together has been such a relief. Knowing I'm not the only one trying to figure this out. I can't wait to sit and go through it all again and absorb more, go through all the questions and answers that were raised and deepen my understanding and knowledge via the information but all the queries too. It has come at the perfect time for me.

This course has already allowed me to open up and be confident enough to respond to those posts that say 'home studio.' To offer my voice and say that I am capable of recording a demo for you is a bloody good step forward to opening up new opportunities, push me to better standards and continue practicing. Three weeks ago I was stabbing around in the dark a little, jumping at any opportunities that were at all possible, but I now I feel like I have a path to tread. The lights are on! I have a better understanding of what is required of me as a voice over artist.”

Bryony Tebbutt

Mark Joseph.png

“The course has been brilliant.  Thank you so much @Paul Mclaughlin (Versatile Voiceovers) for putting together something that has such enormous value, without making this new world seem prohibitively difficult or scary. I have learned SO much.  And although I still would have gained value from it if I were going through it later at my own pace (which I know I can, having lifetime access), the real magic was having us all together. It's been lovely learning WITH people, getting it very right & wrong with people. So we celebrated each other’s successes, and everyone was always supportive, even with constructive criticism. It feels like we can actually start now. Start looking at the right gear, right tools, branding, etc, with a semblance of focus, which is awesome."

Mark Joseph 

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Helen Percival.jpg

“Absolutely fantastic. Pauls' diligent work ethic & breadth of knowledge about the world of Voiceover means this course is rich, rewarding and arms you with a whole host of tools to take your first steps into the industry. Paul, thank you. Your indepth, tailormade, quick responses and uplifting, kind attitude has been so refreshing and rewarding throughout. It’s certainly been challenging but in a really good way and has impacted me much more widely than voiceover work. It’s been SO lovely having such a supportive community to learn alongside. Thank you for all your insights.” Helen Percival

Kaja Chan.jpg

“This course does wonders beyond Voice Over work. The things we learnt in the first week can be applied to anything we want to achieve. The vocal considerations we learnt in week 2 can also be applied to analysing text in other acting scenarios. And I think for many of us, week 3 has proven how much we don’t know about the things we assume we’d love to do, so research and preparation is paramount. I can’t imagine that 4 weeks ago I was planning to waltz into VO, without an inkling of a clue what that actually meant. So thank you @Paul Mclaughlin (Versatile Voiceovers), for this invaluable experience. I might add that this is the single best course I’ve taken on anything, ever. I’m eternally grateful to you for making this experience available to us, and for sharing your knowledge with such passion and dedication.” Kaja Chan

Patrick Kealey.png

“I can only add to everybody’s praise. The course outlines the challenges in such a clear, professional, friendly and encouraging way that it builds confidence and a necessary dose of humility. I will never ever underestimate the skill, talent or common sense required to make this work. And your infinite patience with all of our technical shortcomings is so helpful and as you pointed out in the beginning it’s brilliant to be able to learn from eachother. Peer to peer learning is always powerful. I can’t think of anything more productive, stimulating and inspiring right now than the last 3 weeks on this course.” Patrick Kealey

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Tania Pais.jpg

“I have done other courses before, even some voice oriented (after this I cannot call them voiceover courses, to be honest) but NONE have even come close to what and how this has changed me! Mindset CEO (BUSINESS), Performance Captain (VOCAL), Nerdy Sound Girl (TECHNICAL). Love, and missing this already.” Tania Pais

These are just a handful of the countless reviews from the hundreds of students I have taken through the course. The greatest predictor of success is following the principles put in action from those who are doing voiceover professionally.


The three week course equipping you with everything you need to begin, the online community, creating links with your peers, detailed content, videos and files to take in, rigorous daily tasks to deepen the learning and your two private 30 minute 1-2-1 sessions with me in week 2 and 3 to ground the work. Only £600. Payment plans available. Each run of the course has limited places and always sells out.

Join the next community and start laying a solid foundation for your voiceover artistry. Leave your details to find out more and arrange a phone consult.

Yes! You took action for your voiceover career!

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