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FoundAtion   PAckAge

The world of voiceover can be mystifying.


You have a dream and desire to consistently voice a variety of projects that enable you to passionately enjoy what you do while making a living.


Yet, voiceover is extremely competitive with more entrants to the market than ever before. Because of the low cost of equipment, anyone these days can buy a mic and a pre-amp and call themselves a voiceover artist.

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As someone new to voiceover, it can be hard to know where to start...

How do you make sure you are not wasting your time or money in the beginning?

How do you know that you are heading in the right direction?

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As a working voiceover artist, I had these same questions when I began 10 years ago. I learnt through trial and error. That experience means I can help ease your fears, avoid the pitfalls in this wonderful industry and set you up with a solid foundation for success.

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 Together, we will remove the confusion and set you up with a game plan tailored specifically to you, ensuring you start strong and give yourself every chance of realising your voiceover aspirations.


You will get to grips with elements like:


1. Understanding the principles in Business Planning and Marketing so you create a solid plan more likely to lead to success, rather than running around in circles

2. Tracking your business (for e.g. income v expenses) so that you treat this as a business from day


3. Understanding Branding and Positioning

4. Peeling back all the different genres of voiceover and starting to employ acting in the service of scripts from them

5. Understanding mic positioning and relationship.

6. Technically turning audio around ready for your client (e.g. compression and equalisation).

7. Setting up a Home Studio

8. How to generate clients.

9. The complicated world of rates and guideline figures of what to charge for all the different areas of voiceover.


And much, much more.

The VOICEOVER FOUNDATION PACKAGE consists of 3 x 60 minute powerful private coaching sessions, email support and your foundation starter pack. The start pack contains files, documents, and everything I wish I had from day one in my voiceover busines, basically a "business-in-a-box" that includes everything I use daily in my business, such as:


  1. A list of online resources and places to start generating clients

  2. Template emails for reaching out to clients on your own

  3. Tracking spreadsheets to keep tabs with all prospective clients you are reaching out to

  4. Template contract to use with all clients (valued at £300), Terms and Conditions and invoice template

  5. Business spreadsheets to track income / expenditure and sources of revenue

6. Guideline rates for what to charge in each area of voiceover

7. Voiceover Master Resources Sheet with weeks of material to dive into in all areas of voiceover

All this for just £500.

You can also combine this Foundation 1-2-1 programme with the 3 Week Online course all for only £900, saving you £200.


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I have been through it before you. I come from an acting background and learnt the ropes that have enabled me to focus full time on acting and voiceover and leave other jobs behind. I have worked in every area of voiceover. Past clients include Netflix, Ecco, Scotch and Soda and Yonex. More importantly, I am working on my voiceover artistry and business daily. I can tell you what has worked and save you time.

Here is what other Foundation coaching clients have said:

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"I have been interested to get into voice over work for a long time. I have a voice reel and agent but felt that i wanted to become independent within this industry and be able to produce my own work with my own equipment. I had no idea where to start so I reached out to Paul. He took me through everything I would need to get started form the technical side but also from the business side, a side I struggle with. He was extremely patient and made me feel very comfortable and able to ask all the questions i needed no matter if I felt silly asking. He encouraged me to set clear strategies/plans and this I think, is essential for a beginner, not to get lost in an idea: keep my words positive and plan ahead. Thank you Paul for the advice and for giving me the push I needed to begin this exciting new adventure." Anna Brooks-Beckman

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"As an actor wanting to get into voiceover Paul helped clear up a lot of the mystery surrounding the industry. Things like the technical side of voicing, how to interact with clients, so that I came across professionally. Following our first session I had secured my first client and Paul walked me through a lot of the questions they asked, most of which I had never come across. Questions like revisions policy, rates for social media pre-roll. His beginner's pack on rates, contracts and email templates have set me up well to keep pursuing a place in this industry. I'm glad most of all for his enthusiasm and support and especially his demands for me to set up a vision and a clear road map in order to get myself there. I definitely recommend booking the Foundation Package with him. It will save you a whole load of time!" Shane Noone

Get In touch now and find out how we can get you on a solid path to your voiceover aspirations. Book in for a no obligation chemistry call, a 15 minute consultation where you get to understand the Foundation Package process and decide if it is right for you:

Awesome! You took action - good on you!!

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