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Paul is a professionally trained actor and voice over artist.


He has worked as an actor for over 10 years in theatre, television, commercials and Voiceover. 


The possibilities of the voice are endless and they play a central role in creating an engaged audience, whether it be in the cinema, theatre or listening to a voiceover. 


Paul operates a broadcast quality, acoustically treated home studio with a measured sound floor of -55db. He uses an SE2200a II c mic, focusrite preamp and Logic Pro X. He can turn around a project in hours if need be and supply the file as WAV / AIFF, MP3. He can add music to tracks, fully master them (from top and tailing to compression and equalisation) or simply provide the raw voice file.

Want to direct the session live or record remotely? No problem. Paul uses Skype  (name: VersatileVoiceovers), Source Connect Now, ipDTL and FTP.

      Check him out in the studio voicing a friendly, conversational and upbeat commercial:

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