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You might not have met Paul yet, but maybe you have heard him.

 World      Wide

Trusted by clients worldwide to deliver fast, on brand and exceptional voiceovers. He's worked with everyone from Netflix, Scotch and Soda and Rio Tinto to Audible, Team 17 and Square Enix.

From the conversational guy next door in commercials and corporate films, to multi-faceted characters in audiobooks, animation and gaming.

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As a boy, Paul got a Superman suit for his 4th birthday. Superman and voiceover, how do you connect the dots? Well, let's see:

Faster than a speeding bullet (in getting files back)- Check!

Stronger than a locomotive (vocal versatility) - Check!

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (going above and beyond for clients) - Check!

Paul has also grown up across Australia and the UK, and has spent time in America. Hence, the versatility in his voicing.

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 Studio + LocAtion

Paul operates a broadcast London, UK studio - an Esmono booth with a -73dB sound floor and MKH 416 and SE 2200 mics with an SSL 2+ Audio interface running through Logic. He supplies pristine sound files (WAV, MP3, AIFF), both raw and mastered, within hours or same day, ready for you to use. He can also add music to them too.   

Want to direct the session live or record remotely? No problem. Paul uses Meet, Skype, Zoom, ipDTL, Cleanfeed and Source Connect. Click here to see more.

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 How  Do I  Book  PAul?

It's important to choose a voice that fits your product, brand and audience.

That's why I provide a custom read of your script. Hearing the words for your project come to life is the best way to determine the right fit.

I'm easy to work with, speedy with file delivery, and won't rest till you are 100% happy with the voiceover.

Get in touch now to get the ball rolling.

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