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"HOW TO GET INTO VOICEOVER" 3 Week Online Voiceover Course During COVID-19

If you have come to register for the 3 Week online course, leave your name and email address in the box below. I will be in touch with next steps.  

NOTE: I reply to everyone who leaves their email. Check your Junk / Spam if you have not received a reply to your inbox! (Paul Mclaughlin will be sender name)

The world of voiceover can be mystifying.


You are starting out on your voiceover journey and have a dream and desire to consistently voice a variety of projects that enable you to passionately enjoy what you do while making a living.


Or you are already on your voiceover journey and realise that you can always always get better at reads, creating characters, marketing, business and understanding your technical chain.

No matter where you are on the path there is always something you can do to get better at serving the characters and stories in your reads and the clients in your business.

Paul offers coaching for those completely new to the industry, setting them up with a clear and bespoke plan and 1-2-1’s for those who have a specific need, like audition prep or a technical or marketing problem.

Click on the Foundation Package if you're new or 1-2-1 for something tailored to get the session that's right for you:


I have been through it before you. I come from an acting background and learnt the ropes that have enabled me to focus full time on acting and voiceover and leave other jobs behind. I have studied with some great coaches, and have worked in nearly every area of voiceover.


Past clients include Netflix, Ecco, Scotch and Soda, EY, Rio Tinto and Yonex. More importantly, I am working on my voiceover artistry and business daily. I can tell you what has worked and save you time.