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It's always great to hear from new clients. Do get in touch and let's wow your client with my voiceover skills.

+44 (0) 7552 931 112

Success! Message received.


Pricing depends on a few factors:
1. How many words are in the script / project running time 
2. How it is being broadcast (radio / tv / web / on hold etc)
3. What market it is to be broadcast within (UK / USA etc); and 
4. The buyout period the project will run for (months / years)

Send as much detail as you can and we will send back an accurate quote. 

In return you get:

1. Stress and hassle free professional service from beginning to end
2. A custom sample to make sure I'm the right fit for the project
3. A directed or self recorded session with professional audio delivered same day
4. All audio is broadcast quality from my professional studio
5. I won't rest until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome you are looking for
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