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Dark Wood Panels 2016-1-9-17:22:24


Paul loves gaming: Expansive worlds filled with wonderful characters in engaging stories, often with multiple pathways. He has played characters from all over the world, from different time periods and those that are non-human. ​His voice can play many things...

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Dark Wood Panels 2016-1-9-17:22:24


From Team 17 comes a WWII set tactical game.

You are an army of shadows. Your mission, Classified.  Assemble your squad, infiltrate occupied France, and bring chaos to the Nazi war machine. Approach missions in your own way, traversing a variety of locations where every shot counts.

Paul voices a character in the game.

Dark Wood Panels 2016-1-9-17:22:24


Society has fallen into chaos, following climate breakdown. No food, no water, chaos descends. Children are evacuated out of the cities.

Paul plays a father who has lost his daughter and must survive in this world. 

A platform survival Game.

Dark Wood Panels 2016-1-9-17:22:24


Paul is an experienced motion capture performer. He knows what it means to voice characters while also acting in cut scenes.


He has experience in motion capture, facial capture, full performance capture (including voice), creating a character's idle, walk, run and turn shot motions as well as unarmed and military based combat. Paul is also an ex-yoga teacher and has experience in gymnastics. Perfect for the rough and visceral world of motion capture!

Mocap Showreel 

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