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1-2-1    VO


The World of voiceover is a subject that can be studied endlessly. You can always get better at reads, creating characters, marketing, business and understanding your technical chain.


Because it all ultimately enables you to serve the characters and stories in your reads and the clients in your business.

Sessions can be devoted to Audition prep, how to better understand Logic, deep diving into marketing, business and branding, a genre assessment for new voiceover artists to see which genres is worth investigating, or anything you want to delve into.

Dark Wood Panels 2016-1-9-17:22:24

Sessions are £70 for 1 hour held via phone or Skype with email support included. We can even hook up into your studio using Source Connect Standard, Cleanfeed or Skype. Whatever works for you.

Get In touch now and design a session around any area or genre of voiceover that is most pressing for you. Leave your details below and I will be in touch to organise:

Yes! You took action for your voiceover career!


I have been through it before you and am a working voiceover artist. I have studied with some great coaches and continue to do so as well as focusing on creative mindset and business principles, that are often forgotten in a VO's path.


Past clients include Netflix, Ecco, Scotch and Soda, EY, Rio Tinto and Yonex. I am working on my voiceover artistry and business daily. I can tell you what has worked and save you time.

Dark Wood Panels 2016-1-9-17:22:24

As an actor and a VO, I always believe in coaching to enhance what I am already doing. Another pair of ears in Voiceover can help me to fine tune and go deeper. When a gaming audition came in for a project I wanted to book, I chose to work with Paul because he is an excellent Actor as well as VO. I wanted to give mself every chance to nail it.

In the session we went over the script, talked about aspects of games like cut scenes v in game action and where the reads might fall, how to humanise the reads, breaking down all the information from the script and story to arrive at the logical givens that would help inform the read and the importance of alt takes.

He gave me feedback and suggestions following my first demos, and after submitting a second set of demos am over the moon to say that I booked the job!


Alberto Pereira


I booked Paul to help with some coaching ahead of recording my voice reels. We talked about the scripts, analysing them and breaking them down, did practice reads with feedback, all in order to prepare me best for the demands of recording reels and being able to give options.

Once the produced reels were ready, we reviewed them in order to arrive at the best cuts of them that would maximise my marketing efforts. As usual his advice was spot on. Thanks a million."


Gareth Watkins

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