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 VOICEOVER       Studio

Welcome to The Garden Studio. My Central London professional voiceover studio. Rivaling those in Soho and LA.Comes with best in class gear, pristine sound, and every imaginable way for you to direct the voice session, no matter where you are in the world.

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 The      Studio

Top of the line Esmono booth, sound mastered with -73dB sound floor
Sennheiser MKH 416, SE 2200 mics. Logic Pro X.

SSL 2+ Audio Interface.

Beyerdynamic DT 7700 headphones.

Seated or Standing recording.

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Listen  In  +  Direct

These days more voiceover sessions are happening in the voice's own studio. It's easy, convenient, and rivals the sound of SOHO and LA studios. The Garden Studio has every type of connection to allow you to direct the voice session remotely. You can listen in 4D quality and make changes in real time during the session.

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All the connections we can enable:

Cleanfeed - Simple and easy to use with Chrome

Source Nexus + Standard - Direct-to-the-timeline recording with real-time, broadcast-quality audio using only your internet connection.

Skype + Meet + Zoom - Great for live direction

Phone + Whatsapp - If you don't have access to a computer

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Easily located 10 minutes from Bethnal Green and Mile End Tube Stations, in Central London.

Set amongst the quiet and picturesque of Victoria and Mile End Parks.

Available to hire for your recording session.

Get in touch now to book and find out more.

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