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The CHANGING FACE of Content.

Content creation possibilities are exploding around the world. With this explosion there is a substantial movement away from what was once considered traditional and normal.

Traditional and Normal was listening to some standard British or American voice in a generalised commercial telling you what to buy as you consumed the latest weekly episode of a TV show.

Today, the power lies with consumers. If something doesn’t work we move on. This is why we have non-traditional consumption patterns. And that means non-traditional content and voiceover. For example, the rise of the 6 second commercial, Netflix entering the Oscars arms race and winning this year and content and advertising campaigns that are filled with all kinds of voices and accents, Like Nike’s LDNR (Londoner) Commercial:

As content recognises diversity more and more, it must become specific. Decades ago it was about being general, how to appeal to a mass market. This approach lacks seeing and meeting the audience on a one-to-one level. So brands and creators are catching up.

Today, the market is expanding exponentially and the thirst for content from distinct and original voices, both in the stories themselves and in the ways of creating them is exploding.

What may have been unthinkable decades ago, is now being lapped up.

For instance;

The Liberator” series set at Netflix utilises the groundbreaking Trioscope technology - hybrid animation technology that combines state-of-the-art CGI with live-action performance. Here and here for more.

Shiseido launches a live action commercial without dialogue, based around love between a same sex couple, utilising animation in a spectacular way:

Loving Vincent”, the world’s First Fully Painted Feature Film:

And Netflix debuting an Adult Animation anthology series "Love, Death + Robots" all about Robots and consciousness and what it means to be alive, with a trailer that fractures the way most trailers are normally presented (linear and build up of tension):

This changing face of content means that content creators (you guys) require voiceover artists with the capacity for deep flexibility.

A long time ago a voiceover artist could have lived off visits to Soho in Central London for commercial campaigns. They could have made a career out of one form of the profession.

Nowadays a typical day for a voiceover can be filled with a couple of explainers, a corporate narration piece, characters for animation and gaming and e-learning, along with a groundbreaking new art or content form.

Today and the future requires an artist of considerable depth and skill. With an arsenal capable of voicing the friend next door all the way to larger than life characters in ever-changing mediums. Along with the ability to master and turn the audio around. By yesterday. All with a smile!

Pheww! Welcome to the new, ever changing world.

If you like, please share.

Paul Mclaughlin © Versatile Voiceovers

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