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The SCIENCE and ART of Voiceover.

Voiceover is a highly creative, and highly technical endeavour. It requires an approach that is methodical, structured, planned with one that requires being open to inspiration, to the rewards that come from all the structure, methodical practice and discipline.

The professional voiceover artist spends hours, days, weeks, months, years working on the vocal delivery side, training their technical ability in turning recordings around and developing a brand and reputation that is vibrant, fresh and adds value to clients.

Which leads to drops of gold, nuggets of wisdom that only a structured, methodical approach can bring. This is the years of exploration, trial, error, learning, growth distilled into the ability to bring a piece of copy truly off the page. Like you have heard it for the first time, even though you and your copywriter have been sitting with it for a couple of weeks and may have heard hundreds of auditions.

Masters in any area have consciously or unconsciously followed this way of learning. Diligence in practice leads to being capable of doing things that others cannot.

The process can’t be jumped, bought or shortened. And it is always worth choosing a voiceover that has this philosophy. One that is about the work. Showing up day in and day out doing the work, no matter what is going on. Because as a voiceover artist, my passion is for the work. Playing these characters across commercials, corporate, e-learning, audiobooks, animation and gaming and changing the audience on a cellular level. That’s what I race out of bed for in the morning.

Such voiceover artists are usually the ones that are killing it anyway as this approach is the foundation required to make the magic happen inside and outside of the booth.

On day 239 of this year (27th August) I am as deep in the daily practice as I was on day 1 of this year and day 1, 6 years ago. The same as it will be in the years to come.

Happy late days of summer!

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Paul Mclaughlin © Versatile Voiceovers

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